About Us


Drinkstory.com is a place for YOU to talk openly and honestly about alcohol. Let’s face it, alcohol is everywhere in our culture and effects all of our lives, so let’s talk about it! Some of us drink, some of us don’t but we all have thoughts, beliefs and feelings when it comes to alcohol. Please use this site to post your thoughts and perhaps gain some insight from others!

The Idea:

Drinkstory.com was created in collaboration with the Makin’ It Happen Coalition and Beyond Influence. The site gives people a place to have an open and honest conversation about their own experience with and opinions about alcohol free from the influence of the alcohol industry’s billions of advertising dollars. Please visit our Resources page for links to the mentioned organizations and more information.


Donations or potential sponsors are encouraged to reach out to Makin’ It Happen (603-206-6661) or Beyond Influence (603-882-4011).